The Ideal Standards Model

by Gery C. Karantzas, PhD

On this page you will find resources that you can use with clients in order to help identify the qualities that they look for in a partner. The resources on this page are based on the Ideal Standards Model (Fletcher & Simpson, 2000; Fletcher et al., 1999).

This model is grounded in evolutionary psychology, social psychology, and relationship science. The model has been referenced in over 2,000 publications - such is the wide relevance and appeal of the model. For a basic description of the model, please click on the Conversation piece I wrote or the Psychology Today piece I wrote below.

the Conversation article

the Psychology Today article

There a two types of resources provided below. 

The first is the Ideal Standards Questionnaire that you can use with your clients. There is a PDF that has a copy of the questionnaire and includes scoring instructions.

The second is a series of relevant scientific publications on the topic - the original paper on the model and a good and accessible review paper.

Ideal Standards Questionnaire

This download includes the questionnaire and scoring instructions.

Ideal Standards Model

This download includes the original paper published on the Ideal Standards Model.

Research Review

This download includes a more recent paper that reviews research conducted into the Ideal Standards Model.