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Looking for Human Connection and the Right Partner

Make no mistake, there is far too much nonsense out there when it comes to understanding what we look for in the ideal partner. For well over two decades, relationship science has been clear on what we want in that special someone.

So why are people still confused?..

  • Some people lose sight of what to really look for because others (friends, relatives, dating experts, and the list goes on...) give contradictory advice. Also, much of this advice has no scientific basis or evidence to back it.
  • For other people, past relationship experiences have them second-guessing about what's important in a partner.
  • Some people set very high or rigid standards so that no-one will ever be their Mr. or Mrs. Right.
  • Then there are other people who set really low standards meaning that they lock in on potential partners who are not relationship material.

What do you want in the ideal partner?..

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Feeling Challenged in a Relationship or Hoping to Enrich it

One thing is certain about our relationships - they evolve and change over time - sometimes for the better and other times for the worse. During times of stress and strain we are left feeling challenged or looking for ways to enhance our relationships. What are some of the common challenges that couples face and ask for help...

  • How can I communicate better with my partner?
  • How can my partner and I stop being so critical of one another?
  • How can I and my partner increase affection towards one another?
  • How can my partner and I resolve issues of commitment and trust?

Different relationship issues may call for different kinds of strategies to help a relationship re-bound or to be nurtured. But, there are some core principles that can help to enhance any relationship, and at the very least, help get it back on track. These key principles are not new to relationship scientists. In fact, relationship researchers have been testing these principles for over two decades - that's how we know they work - and that's the value of relationship science.

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Therapists and Counsellors Looking to Relationship Science to Enhance their Practice

No matter what stage you are at in working with individuals or couples, evidence-based practice matters. Whether you are therapist just getting into relationship counselling, or an experienced relationship therapist; understanding the research and theory that drives practice is key.

  • For a therapist just starting out, Relationship Science Online gives you the road map of where to start in understanding relationship dynamics and interventions that work.
  • For experienced therapists trying hard to stay on top of the latest evidence, Relationship Science Online brings that evidence direct to you.

We take out the guesswork on what to read and how to find it. We curate the knowledge and deliver in a way that is simple and easy to understand. We have access to the leading journals and our network of international and national researchers means we can tell you all about the latest research discoveries.

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